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Analytic Forensics is a data consulting and analysis firm.  Currently Analytic Forensics has very limited clients since the founder/owner Rawley Cooper has spent the last 12 years as a full time employee of Nielsen (SVP/Statistician). 


Analytic Forensics is currently not taking any new clients, since I (Rawley) would like to continue working as a full-time employee.  But I am currently looking for my next big challenge.  So to help with that below is my summary of what I can do and what I like doing.  If you are an employer or know a company with really interesting data (I love data) please contact me and we can talk.


Below is the summary of my skills/passions and to the left (in the site index), you can see my resume and some samples of my work.




Executive-level statistical and marketing/media analysis leader with 20+ years of experience in enterprise-level analytics solutions across many industry verticals (CPG, auto, movies, tech, telecom, pharma, government, insurance, etc. - harder to name one I haven’t touched).


I love helping people and solving statistical challenges.  Equally comfortable working individually or as a hands-on team leader, creating specs or executing them, working with tech teams or clients, working in planning or presenting the final project.


I’m the person they call when no one else can solve a problem.   I thrive on large multi-step complex modeling challenges.  I’m a “fixer” for major data problems, or called to add statistical rigor when needed.  My nickname is “algorithms-R-us”.  I created algorithms for realistic TV animations, efficient robotic movement, improve weightings, better parse text data, and so on. 


►Statistical Modeling: Extensive ability in creating large scale statistical models e.g.  marketing mix models or media planning tools. Models involved big data (3+ billion data points), leveraged techniques like neural networks, Bayesian shrinkage, genetic models, or econometrics.


►Statistical/Strategic Analytics: Implemented statistical studies e.g. strategic business consulting, data warehouse impact studies and market segmentations or clusters.


►Machine Learning: Training, implementing, and evaluating machine learning models and building data-driven products. Created statistical models that are imbedded in multiple applications and products.


Application Development: Methodology lead for a $100M revenue product suite. Developed stand- alone products with embedded statistical models, ex. gamification apps, web-based content/branding/pricing tool, brand-to-performers match-up tool, and more.


►Management Experience: Led project teams, ran data science groups, was on “leadership team” of enterprise-wide departments.  Managed a CBT center that trained 5,000+ students a year.






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